About Our PTA

These volunteers make up your 2014-2015 EBE PTA Board:

Elected Officers

New officers elected each May.  Serve their term from July 1st thru June 30th.
  • President: Melinda Carrigan
  • Co-Vice President: Kim Mahoney
  • Co-Vice President: Amber Leslie
  • VP of Membership: Kristina Bailey
  • Secretary: Dawn Nordin
  • Treasurer: Jessica Sledge

Standing Committee Chair Positions

Appointed by the current board.  These chairpersons are voting members of the board from July 1st thru June 30th.
  1. Advocacy & Legislative: Irma Yee & Connie Redic
  2. Art Docent:   Jaime Wickstrom
  3. Collection Programs Chair:   Yvonne Corbett
  4. Communications:  vacant
  5. Hospitality & Recognition: vacant
  6. Popcorn & Ice Cream Chair: Kristin Hatmaker
  7. Staff Liaison Co-Chairs:   Jessica Jansma & Dana Anderson
  8. Student Store:   Amber Leslie
  9. Volunteer Coordination:    Kristin Hatmaker

Special Committee Chair Positions

Appointed by the current board to perform a special function.  These positions generally last until completion of their assigned project.
  1. 5th Grade Camp:    Tammy Fazekas
  2. Auction:   vacant
  3. Back to School Meet & Greet:    Jessica Sledge
  4. Box Tops for Education:    Yvonne Corbett
  5. eScrip/Amazon Smile:   vacant
  6. Fall Fest Carnival:   Dawn Nordin
  7. Family Health & Fitness Night:    vacant
  8. Family Movie Nights:    vacant
  9. Fun Run for Field Trips:   vacant
  10. Holiday Craft Fair:   Jessica Sledge
  11. IGA Receipts:    Janet Peterson
  12. Labels for Education:    Stacy Phipps
  13. Library Book Fairs:    Yvonne Corbett
  14. Missoula Children’s Theatre:    vacant
  15. Read-A-Thon:     vacant
  16. Reflections Art:    vacant
  17. Science Fair:   Elizabeth Butler
  18. Spirit Wear:    vacant
  19. Watch D.O.G.S.:    Brandon Bailey
  20. Winter BINGO:    vacant

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about any of the vacant Chair Positions.  Contact Kristin Hatmaker, our Volunteer Coordinator, or email ebepta@yahoo.com.   We can’t wait to hear from you!

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